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Smart Rectangular NFC Luggage & Travel Keyring Tag

Smart Rectangular NFC Luggage & Travel Keyring Tag

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Experience The Next Generation Smart NFC Key Tag for Luggage & Travel

Stay Connected, In Control, and Geo-Located with Our NFC Luggage Tags

Combines convenience, security, and longevity. This remarkable tag operates without the need for batteries, ensuring hassle-free usage and zero maintenance requirements. Once you purchase this tag, it belongs to you for life, with no subscriptions or ongoing fees.

Experience the future of travel identification with our advanced NFC Luggage Tags, now featuring our groundbreaking geolocation feature. When your tag is tapped or scanned, your profile is instantly updated on our cloud-based system, and the location is also captured. With the option to send an email containing the precise location and a convenient Google Maps link, you can enhance your travel experience like never before.

Effortless Geolocation Tracking for Peace of Mind

We understand the importance of knowing the whereabouts of your luggage during your travels. With our NFC Luggage Tags' geolocation feature, you can effortlessly track your luggage's location. When your tag is tapped or scanned, our cloud-based system captures the precise coordinates. You can access this information anytime, anywhere, ensuring you stay connected to your belongings throughout your journey.

Instant Updates and Email Notifications

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to real-time updates. As soon as your tag is tapped or scanned, your profile is updated on our cloud-based platform, reflecting the most recent location data. Additionally, you have the option to receive an email notification containing the captured location details and a convenient link to Google Maps. This empowers you to quickly and accurately pinpoint the exact whereabouts of your luggage, providing you with peace of mind and the ability to take immediate action if needed.

Seamless Integration with Cloud-Based System

Our NFC Luggage Tags seamlessly integrate with our secure cloud-based system, ensuring your data is stored safely and easily accessible. You can conveniently view the geolocation history of your luggage, allowing you to track its journey and identify any unusual activity. With the power of our advanced technology, you remain in control, even when your luggage is out of sight.

Upgrade Your Travel Experience Today

Elevate your travel experience with our NFC Luggage Tags, now equipped with the revolutionary geolocation feature. Stay connected, stay informed, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing the precise location of your belongings. Say goodbye to travel uncertainties and embrace the convenience and security of our advanced technology.

Discover the difference with Our NFC Luggage Tags

Don't settle for ordinary luggage identification methods. Explore our range of NFC Luggage Tags and unlock the power of geolocation tracking. With our innovative features, including instant updates, email notifications, and seamless integration with our cloud-based system, you can travel confidently and never lose sight of your belongings again. Upgrade your travel experience today with our NFC Luggage Tags and redefine how you stay connected and geo-located on your journeys.

Product features and benefits:

  1. Update Your Details Any Time 24/7: Manage and instantly update your profile from anywhere with our cloud-based platform. Our user-friendly interface allows you to update your information conveniently whenever needed. 

  2. No app or download is required: We have designed our system to be accessible and hassle-free. You can update your details directly from our cloud-based platform without the need for any additional applications or downloads. Simply log in to your account using a web browser, and you'll have full control over managing your profile.

  3. NFC Chip: The tag is equipped with an NFC chip technology that allows easy retrieval of the tag's owner information by tapping the keyring.

  4. Owner Information Retrieval: When the tag is taped, it will retrieve the user's latest contact information and display it on the scanning device. This feature ensures that the founder of your luggage have your latest contact information.

  5. Passive Tracking: The tag incorporates a smart passive tracking system. Once the tag is taped, this system is activated. It utilises geolocation technology to track the location of the tag. The tracking information is sent to a cloud-based system, which can then display the location details.

  6. Email Notifications: Besides displaying the location on the cloud-based system, the smart passive tracking system can also email the registered email address. This feature allows authorised individuals to receive notifications regarding the last location of the tag.

  7. No Maintenance or Battery Required: One of the benefits of the smart NFC keyring tag is that it does not require a battery for the NFC chip. This means that the tag can operate without frequent battery replacements or recharging. The absence of a battery enhances the tag's convenience and reliability, ensuring it always remains functional.

  8. One-Time Payment for Life with No Subscription Fees: We offer the advantage of a one-time payment for a lifetime of usage. There are no recurring subscription fees or additional costs associated with using the tag beyond the initial purchase. This pricing model provides a cost-effective solution and eliminates the need for ongoing payments, making it a convenient and economical choice for users.

  9. Lifetime Warranty: The tag comes with a lifetime warranty, demonstrating our confidence in the product's quality and durability. You can view the full details in the warranty section.

How does it work?
When the tag is taped, it will retrieve the user's latest contact information and display it on the scanning device. This seamless process allows for a quick return of your belongings.

Taping the tag will also activate the Smart Passive Tracking System. This system initiates geolocation tracking and displays the real-time location of the tag through our cloud-based system. An email notification can also be sent to the registered email address, ensuring that authorised individuals are promptly informed that the tag was tapped and the tag's last location.

Both passive tracking and email notification can be turned on/off from our cloud-based system, giving users control and flexibility over their privacy and preferences. This feature allows users to customise the tracking and notification functionalities according to their specific needs and circumstances.

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