Sustainably Crafted NFC Cards & Tags by Tap and Share: A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship Intelligent Sustainability:

Cloud-Powered Reuse, a 10-Year Lifespan, and Saving Millions of Trees At Tap and Share, our commitment to sustainability encompasses both the physical design of our NFC chips and their functional adaptability through our cutting-edge cloud-based platform.

Revolutionising Possibilities: Adaptive Reuse Empowered by our advanced cloud-based platform, every Tap and Share NFC chip transforms into a dynamic entity. Users can effortlessly change the purpose of the chip through simple updates on our user-friendly online platform, eliminating the need for replacements and extending its utility and lifespan.

A 10-Year Lifespan: Durability Beyond Compare Our NFC cards & tags are crafted for enduring sustainability, boasting an impressive 10- year lifespan. Constructed from eco-friendly materials, these chips minimise environmental impact and provide a reliable, long-term solution. When the time comes, they can be easily recycled through our specialised recycling program, contributing to a circular economy.

Saving Millions of Trees: A Green Milestone Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond chip functionality to environmental conservation. By opting for Tap and Share NFC chips and reducing reliance on traditional paper and cardboard, users collectively participate in saving millions of trees. The shift away from paper and cardboard not only preserves our forests but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with their production and disposal.

Recyclability: A Second Life for Every Chip We understand the importance of responsible disposal. Our NFC chips are designed to be easily recyclable, contributing to the reduction of electronic waste. By fostering a circular lifecycle for our products, we empower users to participate in sustainable practices. When the time comes to retire your NFC chip, rest assured that it can be responsibly recycled, preventing it from ending up in landfills.

Conclusion: Shaping a Future of Sustainable Connectivity At Tap and Share, we usher in a new era of sustainable connectivity. Beyond materials and design, our cloud-based platform transforms each chip into a dynamic, reusable asset. Choose Tap and Share for NFC technology that not only connects your world but does so with a profound commitment to environmental responsibility, offering adaptability for changing chip purposes, a 70-year journey of enduring sustainability, and a contribution to the preservation of our precious forests—all while ensuring responsible recycling practices.