Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Activate My Product?

All Tap and Share products come with detailed instructions for the activation process. For more information, visit

Where Can I Purchase Tap and Share Products?

Tap and Share is available to purchase directly through our website. Select products from the Tap and Share range are also available at leading retailers such as Bunnings Warehouse, Dementia Shop Australia, Amazon, Catch, and eBay.

Are There Any Subscription Fees?

No. All Tap and Share products are a one-time cost with no recurring payments or fees.

Can I update my profile?

Yes. All Tap and Share products can be updated anytime, anywhere, on our cloud based platform.

What Phones Are Compatible?

QR Code:

All Apple devices running iOS 11 or later will be natively compatible with QR code.

All Android phones have native, 'built-in' QR code readers in the phone camera.

All phones with a camera are compatible with QR codes, however some older phones may require an app for you to scan them.

NFC Reader:


All phones after 2017


All phones after 2014


All phones after 2015


All phones after 2015


All phones after 2016


All phones after 2015


All phones after 2014


All phones after 2016